Tuesday, September 22, 2009

David Byrne Bike talk at the Bagdad Theater - September 30

All around awesome dude, David Byrne will be sharing his photos and talking about bikes at the Hawthorne theater next Wednesday September, 30th at the Bagdad Theater. You are gonna have to shell out $26 bucks for it, but its probably worth it.

Jonathan Maus, of BikePortland, Timo Forsberg in the City's Transportation Options Division and Mia Burke of Alta Planning and Design will also be speaking. Who are Timo Forsberg and Mia Burke? I don't personally know them, but Jonathan Maus is my neighborino, and a he is an all around stand up guy.

Why shell out $26 clams for this? Like I said, David Byrne is an all around awesome dude. Plus, why pass up a chance to fully geek out about bikes. Perhaps he will wear something other than his famous white suit.

P.S. David Byrne has a new book, Bicycle Diaries.

P.P.S. If you buy a ticket to the talk, you get his book for free. THAT's why you pay 26 clams!